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About Bulverde

Bulverde Texas
Bulverde was founded in 1850 as a stopping point for travelers and called the Pieper Settlement. The present day name was taken from the local post office which was founded in 1880 and named for Luciano Bulverdo, an early land owner.

Bulverde Texas The population was one hundred in 1940. In 1947 the Herrera, Ufnau, Honey Creek. Mustang Hill and Green Hill School Districts were consolidated into the Bulverde School District and had an enrollment of fifty two.

Bulverde Texas
The original store in Bulverde was built on the site occupied by Sweet’s Store around 1873 and in 1956 was purchased by the Wood Family who continue to own the location today. The original building was destroyed by fire in 1969. This site has been continuous operation for over 125 years.

Bulverde Texas
The area was originally home to many American Indian tribes, including the Lipan, Tonkawa, Karankawa and Waco tribes. Arrow heads, including one known as the Bulverde Point, can still be found in the hills surrounding the area.

Popular today for the local spirit born from those early pioneer beginnings and quaint, historical sites, the area has continued to attract more and more people and businesses looking to escape the compact, hustle-bustle of the city.

Bulverde Texas

Most residents prefer to shop and find entertainment in their community surrounded by the quiet gentleness that only the Bulverde area can offer.

Mayor's Message

Bulverde, Texas

The Bulverde area is a fast growing area located in the Texas Hill Country in South Central Texas, the western portion of Comal County, and located just north of San Antonio.
Bulverde Texas
This hub location is not without history: the founding of Fredericksburg in 1846 necessitated a road to connect it with New Braunfels, founded in 1843.
Bulverde Texas
This road took a route that bypassed the more difficult paths to the North and went through what is now downtown Bulverde, popularly called “The Village” which is located on Bulverde Road just West of 281 (1863/Bulverde exit off 281).

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Bulverde News

  • Kronkosky Foundation Awards...  |  Oct 03, 2010 04:18:30  |  By yavanna
    The Kronkosky Foundation has given two large grants to some local non-profit agencies in New Braunfels and Bulverde... (New Braunfels, TX) -- Even after the ...View Full Article  View Full Article
  • ESD #5 Sets Tax Rate, Moves...  |  Oct 03, 2010 04:18:30  |  By yavanna
    By Dixie Pape BULVERDE - The Emergency Services District No. 5 (ESD #5) Board of Commissioners met on the evening of September 13 where they offici...  View Full Article
  • Bulverde cyclists gear up f...  |  Oct 03, 2010 04:18:29  |  By yavanna
    By Miranda Koerner Staff Writer/Bulverde News - Three Bulverde residents will join nearly 3000 riders on Oct. 9 and 10 for the Bike MS: Valero 2010...  View Full Article
  • Senior center offers Tai Chi  |  Oct 03, 2010 04:18:29  |  By yavanna
    By DD Blair Guest Columnist - Express-News The Bulverde Senior Center offers a Tai Chi class from 7:30 to 8:30 am every Wednesday for $32.50 a mont...  View Full Article

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Bulverde , Texas ,
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