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Charlotte Amalie East

Charlotte Amalie East
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About Charlotte Amalie East

Charlotte Amalie, the capital of St. Thomas, is the only town on the island. Its seaside promenade is called Waterfront Highway, or simply, the Waterfront. From here, you can take any of the streets or alleyways into town to Main Street (also called Dronningens Gade). Principal links between Main Street and the Waterfront include Raadets Gade, Tolbod Gade, Store Tvaer Gade, and Strand Gade.Main Street is home to all of the major shops. The western end (near the intersection with Strand Gade) is known as Market Square. Once the site of the biggest slave Market auctions in the Caribbean Basin, today it's an open-air cluster of stalls where native farmers and gardeners gather daily (except Sun) to peddle their produce. Go early in the morning to see the market at its best.Running parallel to and north of Main Street is Back Street (also known as Vimmelskaft Gade), which is also lined with many stores, including some of the less expensive choices. Beware: It can be dangerous to walk along Back Street at night, but it's reasonably safe for daytime shopping.In the eastern part of town, between Tolbod Gade and Fort Pladsen (northwest of Fort Christian), lies Emancipation Park, commemorating the liberation of the slaves in 1848. Most of the major historical buildings, including the Legislature, Fort Christian, and Government House, lie within a short walk of this Park.Southeast of the park looms Fort Christian. Crowned by a clock tower and painted rusty red, it was constructed by the Danes in 1671. The Legislative Building, seat of the elected government of the U.S. Virgin Islands, lies on the harbor side of the fort.Kongens Gade (or King's St.) leads to Government Hill, which overlooks the town and St. Thomas harbor. Government House, a white brick building dating from 1867, stands atop the Hill.Between Hotel 1829 (a mansion built that year by a French sea captain) and Government House is a staircase known as the Street of 99 Steps. Actually, someone miscounted: It should be called the Street of 103 Steps. Regardless, the steps lead to the summit of Government Hill.West of Charlotte Amalie

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