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About Lakeside

Lakeside Lakeside Florida and the Beautiful Historic Lakeside Inn of Mount Dora Lakeside, Florida
Spend quiet moments of memories and romance at the historic Lakeside Inn The Lakeside Inn of Mount Dora, Fla., is located at 100 N. Alexander St. For more information about Lakeside Inn or for reservations, call (800) 556-5016, e-mail or log on to The majestic yellow-splashed buildings of Lakeside Inn offer some of the best accommodations for weary travelers to Mount Dora, Fla. Steeped with 120 years of history, the 89 guest rooms have the romantic feel of a simpler era, yet offer the conveniences of modern times. From an Olympic-sized swimming pool to live jazz entertainment, the grand inn is more like a mini-resort. “My philosophy is selling them on the experience unlike most places that just try to promote beautiful rooms,” said Peter Sharp, the Inn’s general manager. “For people that come from all over the world to stay here, I tell them this is what I call a taste of Old Florida.” Golfing Within walking distance from the historic downtown of Mount Dora, many guests shop at boutiques and enjoy the setting of the European-flavored villa. Perched atop the 800 feet or so that puts the Mount in Dora, the inn of a mansion is fit for a king. “We’re appealing to the person that wants full-service accommodations and the convenience of walking into town,” Sharp said. “People think staying in a historic inn is rustic, but we have the full amenities of a hotel.” Graciously appointed rooms are accompanied by room service, the Tremain’s Lounge, the Beauclaire Dining Room and a poolside bar. Whether it’s soaking up the Southern hospitality at dinner or sipping lemonade on the sweeping veranda, Lakeside Inn appeals to all sorts. “If you’re not from this area it’s like stepping back in time,” Sharp said. “The entire Mount Dora area is a quiet getaway.” On a Thursday afternoon, guests lounge along the expansive front porch enjoying cold drinks. On the water’s edge a family drops a fishing line while a wily teenager zigs and zags around Lake Dora on a rented jet ski. With a small beach, gazebo and boat dock, Lakeside Inn’s picturesque view of the lake is the perfect spot for breathtaking sunsets. “We’re not only here for people looking to get away from the rat race, but were also a romantic location,” Sharp said. Golfing Rent a canoe, jet ski or pontoon boat for a romantic cruise, or let Capt. Doolittle pilot the fun as the on-site tour company offers daily narrated cruises at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. or moonlight and sunset cruises on Friday and Saturday. For lovebirds looking for a picture-postcard place to recite their vows, Lakeside Inn offers several locations inside and out. The professionalism of the 65-member fulltime staff and historic significance of the inn also attract corporate functions. Strategies from large retreats and smaller planning sessions are often calculated at the inn. However, great thinkers are not an unusual trait of the inn. Throughout its 120-year history, the inn has entertained such illuminati as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Calvin Coolidge. LAKESIDE INN
100 N. Alexander St.
Mount Dora, Florida
Frame Vernacular. Complex of 5 buildings, 2 to 3 stories, the first having been built in 1883. 2 built in 1926 and 1929 are stuccoed and have Jacobethan-style elements. The main building, 2 stuccoed buildings, and an Olympic-size pool (1929) define a quadrangle. A highly successful tourist facility of the late 19th century and early 20th century. Recently restored to its 1920s appearance.
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Lakeside News

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    Accept this invitation to sit back, sip champagne and celebrate the holiday in a scenic lakeside setting. Surrounded by friends and family, guests can enjoy ...View Full Article  View Full Article
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    Lakeside's Kody Belcher steals second as Evans' Glenn Cassedy waits for the throw in the second inning. "It was a good pitch to hit," the Lakeside ...  View Full Article
  • Lakeside Hotel, Lake Winder...  |  Mar 30, 2010 04:28:15  |  By EliSummers
    The Lakeside Hotel, a former coaching inn, boasts an atmospheric oak-panelled bar, excellent cream teas, and a winning location on the edge of Lake...  View Full Article

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