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Los Angeles

Los Angeles
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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California and the second-largest in the United States. LA's population = 13 million people, who hail from all over the globe and speak more than a hundred different languages. Los Angeles is one of The World's most prominent centers of culture, technology, and international trade. The World leader of entertainment.

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Comments (75)

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  • hamptonbeach Comment By: hamptonbeach Date: 2009-04-18 17:07:02
    5 stars!!!
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  • Megloman Comment By: Megloman Date: 2008-11-29 15:16:55
    Votes:0Good   Poor
  • balpin Comment By: balpin Date: 2008-10-15 02:22:28
    Go Phils!
    Votes:0Good   Poor
  • eastoftheangels Comment By: eastoftheangels Date: 2008-07-31 15:06:47
    El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula
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  • BS Comment By: Holly Entertainment Date: 2008-03-08 00:37:40
    I Love L.A. i go every chance i get and it's the only weblo city i really want
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  • Uneehr
Maryland Heights , Missouri ,
United States of America
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What is the most interesting place in Los Angeles?
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Beverly Hills
Brotha's BBQ (taste so good, it'll make you wanna slap yo momma)