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Oak Bay

Oak Bay
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British Columbia, Canada

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Oak Bay News

  • Walking the walk in Oak Bay  |  Dec 03, 2008 13:36:45  |  By Megloman
    All participants are located within easy walking distance of each other along Oak Bay Avenue. The event runs from 6 to 8 pm between Foul Bay Road and ...View Full Article  View Full Article
  • Biz in the Bay - Nov.26  |  Dec 03, 2008 13:36:45  |  By Megloman
    Since discovering Maccha tea four-years ago, Susanne Gregory has been trying to figure out how to highlight specialty teas in a big way in her Oak ...  View Full Article
  • Trial begins in Oak Bay bas...  |  Nov 29, 2008 14:44:01  |  By Megloman
    Kevin Holmes scours the beach for evidence with his dog, Axle, in front of the waterfront rental house situated on Humber Close in Oak Bay where Te...  View Full Article
  • Community finds itself at t...  |  Nov 11, 2008 13:38:57  |  By Megloman
    Its residential neighbourhoods are solidly middle class, with neither the obvious wealth of Oak Bay's Uplands nor the glaring signs of poverty visi...  View Full Article
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  • Axeming Comment By: Axeming Date: 2008-12-09 22:37:56
    tag your it thanks tag backhttp://www.weblo .com/property/airpor t/Oshawa/93744/
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  • Axeming Comment By: Axeming Date: 2008-12-01 21:30:31
    nice job hit back if you have time thanks
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  • Webloid Comment By: Webloid Date: 2008-11-07 13:51:27
    A pleasure to visit! Check out a few of my favorite celebs:
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  • can-green Comment By: can_green Date: 2006-12-05 21:43:14
    I've never been to Oak Bay but I would love to.
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