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Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

About Sosúa

Sosua is a beach town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Just 15 minutes east of Puerto Plata, Sosua has a great beach, great nightlife and a wonderful choice of restaurants. Oh, did I forget to mention, some of the most beautiful women in the world.
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Mayor's Message

Welcome to Sosua! Please come visit this wonderful town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. With its clear blue water and white sandy beach. Enjoy fine cuisine at the many fine restaurants within the city that offer different international flavors to please anyone's appetite. Visit the many shops throughout the town and along the beach. But mostly come enjoy the nightlife with many discos, clubs, and bars. Sosua offers a little bit of everything for everyone. Let Our Travel Partner help you save money on your vacation package. Hope to see you soon!   Get 2 Free Southwest Airlines Tickets! - Pack full of the best deals   CHECK OUT NEW WEBSITE!!! Sosua Live Chat    

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Sosúa News

  • Top 10 Caribbean cruise des...  |  Sep 18, 2011 00:19:17  |  By rdmatheny
    Commonly known as one of the friendliest islands in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic really is an island that caters for everyone. You will pick-up on the distinctly laid back Latin vibe as you take in the capital city of Santo Domingo's nigh...  View Full Article
  • Opening park is the start f...  |  Sep 02, 2011 15:12:32  |  By rdmatheny
    After the official opening last week of the beautiful new park 'Parque Mirador Sosúa' the party continued for a while. That Friday night performed ...  View Full Article
  • President invests US$ 765 m...  |  Sep 02, 2011 15:04:15  |  By rdmatheny
    President Leonel Fernández announced that in the coming period he plans to invest $ 765 million in five projects in the Puerto Plata region. One of...  View Full Article
  • Arthur Frommer: Cuba heads ...  |  Sep 02, 2011 15:02:16  |  By rdmatheny
    30, and including seven all-inclusive nights (room, three meals daily, unlimited drinks) at the 678-room Casa Marina Beach Resort in Sosua (10 minu...  View Full Article
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  • rdmatheny Comment By: rdmatheny Date: 2011-09-13 17:52:02
    New website online! SOSUA LIVE CHAT. Where friends and family come to meet to talk about what's
    happening in Sosua, Dominican Republic. Check it out!
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  • SnakeDoctor Comment By: snkdoctor2 Date: 2007-12-08 22:03:04
    Very nice
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  • Sorella Comment By: sorella Date: 2007-06-09 01:32:14
    I can see why this is your favorite!!!!
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  • Vida Guerra Comment By: weblo investments Date: 2007-05-22 16:58:42
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  • landmark Comment By: landmark Date: 2007-04-20 15:29:42
    Great content and video!
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United States of America
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