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Hyōgo, Japan

About Takarazuka

Takarazuka (Takarazukashi) is a city located in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.Geography
Takarazuka from the Muko RiverTakarazuka is nestled between the Rokko Range to the west and Nagao Range to the north with the Muko River running through the center of the city.A bedroom community for Osaka and Kobe, there are quiet, upscale residential neighborhoods like Nigawa, Sakasegawa, and Hibarigaoka.Known as the inner parlor of Kansai, Takarazuka is famous for the Takarazuka Revue, hot springs, and the Takarazuka Tourism Fireworks Display held since 1913. It is also Famous as a choice residential area along with Ashiya and Nishinomiya.At one time, the idea was raised of merging Takarazuka with Itami, Kawanishi, and Inagawa, but it is currently on hold.famous People from Takarazuka
Osamu Tezuka Manga MuseumOsamu Tezuka (cartoonist, deceased) Makoto Imaoka (professional baseball player, Hanshin Tigers infielder) Taro Kida (composer) CRAZY COOL JOE (former DEAD END band member) Koji Higashino (comedian) Yoshiaki Kanemura (former professional baseball player (Seibu Lions, Kintetsu Buffaloes), baseball commentator) Masaaki Onishi (stuntman) Taro Yamamoto (actor) Kiyoko Taniguchi (disc jockey, celebrity) Seiko Nakajo (NHK announcer) Kyoko Kamei (TV Tokyo announcer) Yuichi Uwaizumi (Mainichi Broadcasting System announcer) Tomomi Sekine (former Asahi Broadcasting Corporation announcer) Kyoko Hikami (voice actress) Saki Aibu (celebrity, actress)
Takarazuka HotelTakarazuka Grand Theatre Takarazuka Bow Hall Flower Road Hanshin Racecourse Takarazuka hot Spring Takarazuka Garden Fields Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum Takarazuka Hotel Tessai Art Museum Takedao hot Spring Masashi Residence: Mixed Western- and Japanese-style mansion build in 1918-1919. (Designed by Masaharu Furuzuka. National Registry of Tangible Cultural Properties. Filming location for NHK drama Twins.) Takarazuka City Historical Archives (former Matsumoto Residence): Western-style mansion build in 1937. (National Registry of Tangible Cultural Properties) Kohama Inn Resource center Source:

Mayor's Message

Please be a responsible pet owner.  Dogs need lots of love and attention.  Thank you.

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