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Absolutely Chic Skin Care

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  • Address:
    7200 Bell Road, #H-104
    Glendale, Arizona 85308
  • Phone:
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Absolutely Chic Skin Care Reviews
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Credit crunch chic: how to save pots of money

Your skin looks about a million times better. Use once a week, twice in an emergency. * Mineral foundations have changed my life. They’re made of ground-up ...Read the original article Nov 14, 2008 19:20:08

Southern view: Celebration and apprehension

“I’ma political junkie this time,” said Baker, an account manager at a large health care company. Baker said the historic nature of Obama’s candidacy is the ...Read the original article Nov 14, 2008 19:20:08

The life of Kylie

It's a cute touch, especially given the frenzied tabloid speculation that erupts every time she pops up on the chic side of the English Channel. ...Read the original article Nov 14, 2008 19:20:08

Cebu Lifestyle Cheap and Chic

Cheap and chic and look gorgeous or spend a fortune on designer goods and look scruffy? Take good care of your hair. Spend less by buying standard ...Read the original article Nov 14, 2008 19:20:07

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