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Budget - Seatac

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  • Address:
    17801 International Boulevard
    SeaTac, Washington 98158-1202
  • Phone:
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Sagging projected revenues and soaring operating costs — especially fuel for much of the year — mixed to make a perfect storm for budget woes. ...Read the original article Jan 04, 2009 20:10:09

Hard financial times came to roost in ’08

Taking the top spot was Seatac, with an average growth of 20.3 percent. Often compared in size and character with the Viking City, Gig Harbor took the 20th ...Read the original article Jan 04, 2009 20:10:09

Economic tempest outranks snowstorm, WaMu meltdown

PAUL QUEARY; AP The gathering economic storm that promises massive budget cuts and other financial pain was voted the top Washington story of 2008 by the ...Read the original article Jan 04, 2009 20:10:09

NEWS FROM AROUND THE REGION FOR 12/24/08 provided by the ...

Chris Gregoire for suggesting that state workers' pay raises be dropped as part of addressing the looming state budget deficit. Gregoire wants to drop the ...Read the original article Jan 04, 2009 20:10:09

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