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Chicago Meps

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  • Address:
    1700 Wolf Road
    Des Plaines, Illinois 60018
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Germany refuses full-body scanners for its airports

They are expected to be installed in Chicago; Atlanta; Newark, NJ; Boston; Indianapolis; Tampa, Fla.; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and San Francisco. ...Read the original article Nov 19, 2008 02:40:12

Roma children dying of lead poisoning

After her death it was discovered by a well-known laboratory in Chicago that two of her surviving nine children has the highest lead levels in medical ...Read the original article Nov 19, 2008 02:40:12

Can Sinn Féin score a fantastic five?

Ongoing EU enlargement has meant a progressive loss of MEPs being elected out of the 26 Counties. What was once 15 MEPs will, in 2009, be down to 12, ...Read the original article Nov 19, 2008 02:40:12

Letters to the Telegraph

Sir - I listened to President-Elect Obama's speech from Grant Park in Chicago. I now believe that hope is not an empty word. I was born and educated in ...Read the original article Nov 19, 2008 02:40:12

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