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Society of Friends

Society of Friends (Quakers), a religious organization that began in England in the 1640s, led by George Fox. The first Quakers arrived in North America in 1656. They were distinguished by their silent worship, the... Aug 31, 2008 07:10:12

SAVE us from our friends

SAVE us from our friends The idea that friends may be more dangerous than professed enemies because precautions are taken against the latter, whereas a friend is trusted, is an old one; cf. Ovid Ars Amatoria I. ... Aug 31, 2008 07:10:12


friends friends in high places people in senior positions who are able and willing to use their influence on one's behalf. Friends of the Earth an international pressure group established ... Aug 31, 2008 07:10:12

Don't cause wife pain over casual friend, ex at gathering

Dear Carolyn: Bad history is interfering with a friendship. A casual female friend whom I miss invites my new wife and me to her parties. The problem is that she may still be good friends a person with whom I had a... Aug 31, 2008 07:10:12

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