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New Generation

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  • Address:
    3821 Victory Boulevard
    Burbank, California 91505
  • Phone:
    (866) 338-0321
  • URL:
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New Generation Reviews
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Series boasts a new generation

(AP) Welcome to the World Series: The Next Generation. Many of the stars of this year's Fall Classic can proudly proclaim, "I Love the '80s," because that's ...Read the original article Oct 21, 2008 21:40:09

Zamtel installs next-generation international telephone

By Michael Malakata , IDG News Service , 10/21/2008 Zambia Telecommunication (Zamtel) has installed a next-generation international telephone exchange in ...Read the original article Oct 21, 2008 21:40:09

IBM Launches Next-Generation Mainframe for Midsize Customers

IBM today announced next generation information infrastructure offerings DS8000 disk storage and TS7700 tape storage, to work in conjunction with the new ...Read the original article Oct 21, 2008 21:40:09

Safety a problem for new generation drugs, too

CHICAGO (AP) — Nearly a fourth of widely used new-generation biological drugs for several common diseases produce serious side effects that lead to safety ...Read the original article Oct 21, 2008 21:40:09

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