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The View

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  • Address:
    204 Orchard Street
    Kansas City, Kansas 66101
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view • noun   1. come into view synonyms : sight, field/range of vision, vision, eyeshot.   2. the view from the mountain synonyms : outlook, prospect, scene, spectacle, vista, panorama; lan... Aug 30, 2008 15:10:15

DISTANCE lends enchantment to the view

DISTANCE lends enchantment to the view 1799 T. Campbell Pleasure of Hope i . 3 Why do those cliffs of shadowy tint appear More sweet than all the landscape smiling near?—ʾTis distance lends enc... Aug 30, 2008 15:10:15

Galilean world view

Galilean world view The early 17th century saw a change in the European attitude to nature that replaced the Aristotelian conception of nature with the one that, in essence, remains to the present. The name of Galil... Aug 30, 2008 15:10:15

view to resale

view to resale The grounds on which a subsidiary undertaking is excluded from the consolidated financial statements of a group, because the group's interest in the subsidiary is held exclusively with a view to s... Aug 30, 2008 15:10:15

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