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Gaaf Alif

Gaaf Alif
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About Gaaf Alif

Maldives is located to the South West of Sri Lanka.

It is an archipelago of 1190 exotic islands scattered over the Indian Ocean.

Of these only 202 are inhabited with 87 islands being exclusively resort islands.
What to wear
Visitors are requested to wear modest clothing that covers your body from torso to the knees, so as not to hurt the feelings of the local people.

Official regulations ban any type of nudity in public places.

Inside the resorts, you can dress casually but if you intend to visit anyone in Maldives, it is recommended that you wear formal clothing. Light cotton dresses works best.
The native language of the Maldivian natives is Dhivehi. But being a major tourist destination, English is widely spoken. The staffs in the resorts are well versed in languages like French, German, Italian and Japanese in addition to English. 
Maldives mainly gets its economic growth from Tourism. The largest industry in Maldives is the Tourism Industry.
Tourism accounts for about 20% of GDP.

60% of Maldives’s Foreign Exchange Receipts comes from the Tourism Sector.

90% of Government Tax Revenue originates from Import duties and other Tourism related Taxes.

The second largest Sector is the Fishing sector.

The Government has relaxed its rules to encourage more foreign investments.

The limited availability of cultivable land has led to the continued minor role of Agriculture and Manufacturing industry in the Economic growth of the country.

18% of GDP is contributed by the industry involving the production of Garments and handicrafts as well as boat making.

Most of the Staple food is imported.
The Rufiyaa and the Laaree constitute the currency of Maldives.

1 Rufiyaa equals 100 Laarees.

The Rufiyaa notes are found in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500.

The coins come in denominations of MRf. 1.00, MRf. 2.00, 50 Laarees, 20 Laarees, 10 laarees, 5 laaree, 2 laaree and 1 laaree.

Most commonly used foreign currency is the US $.

Credit cards ands traveler’s cheques are accepted in most of the resorts along with hard cash.

Most commonly accepted credit cards are the ‘American Express’, ‘Master Card’, ‘Visa’, ‘JCB’, ‘Diners Club’ and ‘Euro Card’.
The British system of Education is followed with very high educational standards. The functional literacy rate is 98 %.
The Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital or in short the IGMH is the biggest hospital in Male and offers very good and sophisticated medical facilities. The biggest private health care center is the ADK which follows high medical standards. Some resorts have in house doctor facility and most of them have decompression chambers for emergencies during diving.
Local Time 
GMT + 5 hours 
Business hours 
The working days are from Sunday to Thursday.

Friday and Saturday are considered as a weekend.

The office timings in the government Sector are 7.30 am – 2.30 pm.

During the festival of Ramadan, the offices close at 1.30 pm itself.

The office timings in Private Sector are 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

The private offices have a half day on Saturday, while the Government offices are closed for the weekend.
The communication facilities in Maldives have up to date technology and international Satellite links making it well connected with the world outside its picturesque beaches.
All resorts have international Direct Dial Phone and fax facility as part of their basic infrastructure.

Card phones are also available in all the inhabited islands.

Most of the cruise ships provide wireless phone service.

The Maldives Telecommunications Company, Dhiraagu provides mobile telephones for daily rental.

Dhiraagu is also the Internet Service Provider in Maldives.

Governor's Message

The Maldives are a dream holiday destination for many. With its picturesque sandy beaches and clear lagoons, any one can expect to be drowned in the wonderful beauty of the place. Tall palm trees dotting the beaches, colorful coral reefs decorating the clear lagoons accompanied by the most amazing resorts complete the picture

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    The State budget for 2007 was passed by the People’s Majlis on Thursday. In the sitting, which was the last this year, the budget was passed ...  View Full Article

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