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About Kabul

Kabul Afghanistan, Population 3,138,338

Central Kabul

(Persian: کابل), is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan, with population of about 3 million people. It is an economic and cultural center, situated 5,900 feet (1,800 metres) above-sea-level in a narrow valley, wedged between the Hindu Kush mountains along the Kabul River. Kabul is linked with Ghazni, Kandahar, Herat and Mazari Sharif via a long beltway (circular highway) that stretches across Afghanistan. It is also linked by highways with Pakistan to the southeast and Tajikistan to the north. Kabul's main products include munitions, cloth, furniture, and beet sugar, though, since 1978, a state of nearly continuous war has limited the economic productivity of the city. Kabul is over 3,000 years old. Many empires long fought over the city, due to its strategic location along the trade routes of Southern and Central Asia. In 1504, Babur made it the capital of his Mughul Empire. Finally, in 1776, Timur Shah Durrani made it the capital of modern Afghanistan.[3] The city's population is multicultural and multi-ethnic, reflecting the diversity of the entire country. Kabul is currently in the process of being rebuilt following decades of wars.

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ghan Islamic Press

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Kabul News

  • Q+A: What went wrong at Kab...  |  Sep 14, 2010 18:41:12  |  By Steinomite
    By Tim Gaynor KABUL (Reuters) - Afghanistan's central bank has stepped in to take control of the troubled Kabulbank, its governor said on Tuesday, ...View Full Article  View Full Article
  • Demonstration against Koran...  |  Sep 14, 2010 18:41:12  |  By Steinomite
    Protesters in a province south of Kabul try to overrun local government headquarters, and Afghan police open fire. Rising tensions ahead of Saturda...  View Full Article
  • More Trouble Foreseen for K...  |  Sep 14, 2010 18:41:11  |  By Steinomite
    A Kabul Bank branch on Tuesday. Bank officials had blamed last week's overwhelming run on the bank on Eid, the Muslim holiday in which many Afghans...  View Full Article
  • Afghanistan Blunts Anticorr...  |  Sep 14, 2010 18:41:11  |  By Steinomite
    By MATTHEW ROSENBERG And MARIA ABI-HABIB AP An Afghan works Wednesday on the making of an army boot at the Kabul Melli boot factory in Kabul. ...Vi...  View Full Article

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