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National Capital District

National Capital District
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About National Capital District

border The National Capital District of Papua New Guinea is the incorporated area around Port Moresby, which is the Capital of Papua New Guinea. It covers an area of 240 km² and has a population of 254,158 (2000 census). Although it is surrounded by Central Province, where Port Moresby is also the Capital, it is technically not a part of that province.

Port Moresby, the nation's Capital and the main entry point for international visitors does not present an immediate picture of an ideal tropical paradise. During the winter months it is dry, dusty and brown. Summer is wet, humid and overgrown. It is a place of stark contrast. Ramshackle huts sit alongside glistening glass towers, dusty plains turn corners to expose a glittering harbour and fearsome frowns turn to welcome smiles. Port Moresby opens the door to the land of the unexpected.

The city is located in an area called the National Capital District or NCD. It is on the southern coast of the country and surrounds part of Fairfax Harbour. Port Moresby was named by Captain John Moresby in 1873. The following year a mission station was established at the village of Hanuabada, a traditional Papuan village and home to the Motuan people.

Governor's Message

borderIn the National Capital District, traditional ways function in modern settings. Over 700 different cultures with distinct languages claim Port Moresby as their capital city.picpic

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National Capital District News

  • A Capital City  |  Oct 01, 2007 00:35:21  |  By Haroli
      A 50 Kina note depicting the Parliament House which was designed like a traditional Motuan ritual house. A hit Motuan song about leaving the capital for the Motuan coastline.  View Full Article

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  • Industry Comment By: industry Date: 2007-08-29 12:06:56
    Industry 5 Starz General... Nice work...
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    Great site. Very colorful.
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    Fantastic Job! Kudos
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  • Domainia Comment By: domainia Date: 2007-08-25 07:55:30
    Hello Governor! the National Capital District will continue to thrive under your leadership.
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  • HermanHodges Comment By: hermanhodges Date: 2007-08-24 15:41:40
    I like it - thank you for your work.
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  1. National Capital District
  2. National Capital District
  3. National Capital District
  4. National Capital District
  5. National Capital District
  6. National Capital District
  7. National Capital District
  8. National Capital District
  9. National Capital District

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