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What is Weblo? How does it work?

Weblo is an online game where YOU can join for free and own replicas of anything from the real world. Become the virtual Mayor of L.A or New York. Represent celebrities like Angelina Jolie and David Beckham. Own anything from the real world in this free online virtual reality game.

Compete to make your virtual assets the most popular. The more popular your empire becomes, the more money you make! This is online fun in so many ways!

What is the media saying about the Weblo Online Game?
"It’s part game, part business opportunity and its booming!"
  FOX25 Boston, November 2006
"It's like playing Monopoly using an unlimited number of real world landmarks, cities, and states bought and sold using real money."
  ABC TV Philadelphia, March 2007
Its Fun and Easy to Play in the Weblo Online Virtual World

Imagine telling your friends you are the Mayor of New York, London or Tokyo. Now imagine telling them you made $1000 because you own NEW YORK!

Weblo Citizens are doing this right now in this unique online virtual game. Experience online fun like you never have before – virtual reality gaming doesn’t have to be hard but it should be fun. Build profiles and build your empire.

Just like in the real world, commanding an empire leads to power, prestige and wealth. Your life will never be the same once you experience how your virtual life will change your gaming forever!

Your first step is joining. It's free, fast and easy!

Other people already own Real-World People, Places and Things!

Vida Guerra
Earnings: $2,100
Bob Marley
Earnings: $125
Earnings: $600
Earnings: $750
The Louvre Museum
Earnings: $275

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